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The crate or box can be easily traced at any time. Backwards tracing (slaughterhouse), in-progress tracing (storage at Verhey Vlees or external location) and forward tracing (client delivery) are all possible. A unique serial number is provided during initial registration at the crate/box level which includes the batch number. The client number is added to the serial number once the sales order has been placed. This allows for detailed tracing throughout the entire delivery process.

The logistics department uses PDA scanning hand terminals based on RF (Radio Frequency) technology. The logistics staff carry sales orders and pick lists with them at all times. The scanners are used to register the pallets per sales order. These intelligent scanners ensure that the client receives the right product in the right quantity (it is impossible to scan more than the quantity of the order), that the right slaughterhouse/country of origin is used, and that the right shipping documents (e.g. CMR), pallet maps, client markings/references, lot numbers and shipping labels are printed.

The packages, including vacuum-sealed packages, crate bags and boxes, are FD approved and can be easily traced. The packages are issued and registered by date by our storehouse employee and the supplier includes the batch number on each invoice to guarantee easy traceability. Upon nVWA or client request, a recall can be performed within 10 minutes and the relevant tracing information can be sent to the client. This report provides practical information that allows the client to block certain items. This information includes the pallet number and the serial number per shipment, the slaughterhouse and batch number, and the order number with the date of delivery. This allows the client to take swift action if necessary.

As soon as an order is placed, all information is made available. Upon client request, Verhey Vlees can provide daily updates including an overview of delivered pallets (pallet maps), an overview of the products per slaughterhouse/batch/country of origin, the CMR freight letter, and an email with tracing information. In this way, the client is kept constantly informed on the arrival of their shipment.

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact the manager. This information can be found on the ‘contact’ page.