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Fresh and fast

Fresh, high-quality beef with fast processing times: Verhey Vlees is dedicated to utilising the right cutting, packaging, labelling and registration methods to ensure the freshness of its beef.


The cuts are prepared and, if necessary, split and skinned before being expertly trimmed to meet client specifications. In consultation with the client, the desired cut can be recorded through images and/or product specifications which staff can then use to easily make the right cuts. Both the product and the final package will then be accurately labelled and, upon request, can include a bar code if necessary (e.g. EAN13 or EAN128).

Industry beef and minced beef

The industry beef (90/10) and minced beef (80/20 and 70/30) is delivered fresh or frozen in crate bags, but can also be vacuum sealed by thermoforming machines. The processing time is 6000 kg/hour, which means we can easily meet any large-volume needs (e.g. special supermarket offers). The minced beef is homogenously mixed per batch (i.e. per slaughterhouse) in a non-stop mixing process of filling and emptying – the mixers are filled simultaneously throughout the mixing process. The operator takes a sample from each mixer when it is half full to test the fat-meat ratio using X-ray technology. The results are then registered per mixer in our ERP system. In the event of deviant values, the mixture is supplemented with fat or lean meat respectively until the desired level is achieved.

Shock, freeze and tempering process

If the products are to be frozen, Verhey Vlees uses two shock tunnels to freeze the beef in crates at roughly -35°C. The meat is then de-crated and the frozen cuts are neatly stacked, labelled with pallet maps and tracing information and moved to the internal cold storage facility (capacity 200,000 kg). Upon client request, Verhey also offers a tempering process in collaboration with Warehouse Vice Versa, a logistics company with significant cooling capacity in Oss.


The purchasing, sales, logistics and production departments work in close collaboration to achieve the desired results. The aim is to deliver the right product, in the right quantity and packaging, with the right label to the client at the right time while maintaining optimum freshness (FiFo). Verhey Vlees uses two freight trucks to deliver products in block times after consultation with the client. The remaining transportation is provided by trusted carriers that have worked with Verhey Vlees for years.