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Max Verheij leaves Verhey Vlees

Max Verheij, one of the former owners of Verhey Vlees, is bidding farewell to the company. After exactly 40 years at Verhey Vlees, Max has decided to take the opportunity to enjoy more free time. We would like to take you on a short journey through the past 40 years of Verhey Vlees under the management of Max Verheij:


On 3 September 1981, Max Verheij started his first working day in the company that was then owned by his father Henk Verheij. This marked the arrival of the4th generation in the family business. Henk warned Max before he started: "Be sure to understand what you're getting into; it's a tough business and I promise you it’ll be a journey of blood, sweat and tears."

At the time, Verhey Vlees was already processing some 30 to 40 tons of meat every week. Max started at the bottom of the ladder, just like any other employee. This enabled him to get to know the company inside and out. He not only learned about a cow’s anatomy, but also about transport, packaging, purchasing and sales. He went on to eventually succeed his father, Henk. Fortunately, Max was not alone. He was joined some time later by his brother Bart Verheij.

Under the management of the Verheij brothers, Verhey Vlees grew to become an influential player in the expert processing of cattle from dairy farms. During the peak days, around 1,000 tons of meat were processed every week. Max pursued a customer-oriented policy that was characterised by the personal relationship he maintained with both his customers and suppliers. He was only an accessible manager for his employees. The company culture can best be characterised as one of joint decision-making, appreciation of employees and considerable commitment and enthusiasm. Max kept a keen eye on every aspect of the business. And this paid off. Now, after almost 40 years he leaves behind a flourishing company.

In the autumn of 2019, Max and Bart Verheij decided that their company needed to connect with a major player in the industry. They chose Van Loon Group and in November 2019, the transition was made official: Van Loon Group acquired Verhey Vlees. Both brothers were involved in the takeover and agreed to continue working for a few years in order to supervise the transition of Verhey Vlees under Van Loon Group. For the past two years, Max has been preparing the company to continue without him. And now, the moment has arrived for him to hand over the reins.

Max Verheij has informed us that he will be leaving the company at the end of September 2021, after exactly 40 years at Verhey Vlees. This is a special milestone!

We would like to thank Max for all his hard work over the past two years, during which he has continued to work for Verhey Vlees with the same passion and dedication as he did when he was the owner. We have considerable respect for his decision and sincerely hope he will enjoy his newfound and well-deserved spare time.

On behalf of the Board and management Van Loon Group

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